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Tropical Lucky Eye Anklet
Tropical Lucky Eye Anklet

Tropical Lucky Eye Anklet

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It is made of natural stones that allow you to be happy in life and to love life.it is known to have benefits to relax the mind. It helps you to disperse negative energy if you have it around.

It is thought to be the best stone against loss of power and vitality. The Tropical Lucky Eye Anklet is an anklet that has a unique design. It represents the unique culture of Hawaii.

The anklet has three different colored strings red, green, and white to represent each string having its own meaning.

  • The Tropical Lucky Eye Anklet is a unique anklet that has been made from many different materials like golden chain and multi-color beads size crystals.
  • Beads used in these eye anklets are 4.6 mm in size approximately.
  • The material is Gold Plated on Brass and is completely save from corrosion
  • The length of this beautiful chain is 9" to 11".
  • This evil eye anklet is available in multi colors which have meanings to offer evil eye protection in certain areas:-Light Blue:
  • It is the color of the sky –mostly symbolizes Health.-Green: It represents success and happiness-Black: It shows power, prosperity, and wealth.-Yellow: It is the color that offers Health, strength, and healing-Purple: This one specify to remove obstacles and to energize.
  • Length: 20 cm Extra:
  • There is a 4 cm extension chain.
  • Yellow anklet with gold plated beads.
  • Material: AAA Quality Authentic Crystal stones and Gold Plated Wire.