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Natasha Ebron

I purchased the Milan Clear Bag. I love the packaging that it came in.
It was like opening a gift. The bag is beautiful. I love accessory bag that came with. The shipping was quick. I love the bag!!!

Cheneeka H

Purchased Regular Ren Zanzibar Travel Collection This set is a beauty with high quality material and shipping was fast.Oh the shipping terial is good quality too!#I own 2 of Regular Ren travel collection

Independent Brands for Independent Women

Renata’s Boutique offers a conscious shopping experience, promoting brands with heart and stories to tell. We curate collections that positively touch lives, so that your dollars make a difference in humanitarian initiatives around the world.

About Us

Hello Beautiful,

I'm Renata Hoskins, founder of Renata's Boutique and creator of Regular Ren - a jetsetting fictional character who's always there to remind you that you're joyful, beautiful, and powerful.

My "Regular Ren" moment - the moment I burst through my glass ceiling - started in high school. I entered a scholarship competition to win $1500. The contestants were asked to write an essay about why they should be given the scholarship.I wrote about how I was raised by a legally blind single mother with a rare eye disease, and how we lived in a single wide trailer on my grandparents property.

I said that given the opportunity, I would graduate college, start a career, and - most importantly - give back to the community.